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Have we met yet? I’m Mary, and I’ve been writing copy, leading creative teams and winning agency costume contests across New York City and beyond for over 15 years. Packaged goods, beauty brands and fashion—these all hold a special place in my heart and portfolio. Yet I’ve also brought big ideas to life for spirits, financial, telecom, restaurant clients and more.

Let’s pretend this crazy cat lady costume is not actually what I wear when I work from home.

Beneath my very fancypants professional veneer, I’m still just a down-to-earth Texas gal with a passion for camping, creepy museums, thrift shopping and ill-advised home craft projects. From my days of slinging hamburgers to my days (and nights, and then more nights and days) slinging taglines, I’ve always approached every job with a deep curiosity and respect for the work and audience. And maybe a hair or two in your Big Bacon Classic. Sorry about that.

The best of jobs, the worst of jobs. Plus, obligatory cheeky joke about where the beef is or isn't!
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